De Montfort University Bedford

De Montfort University Bedford is the sister university to De Montfort University Leicester, and together they make up one of the largest universities in the UK. Over 3,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students study at De Montfort University Bedford, along with another 20,000 or so at the Leicester centre.

Students come from far and wide to study at the Faculty of Education and Contemporary Studies at De Montfort University Bedford, where quality teaching and learning has been honed in a close-knit, double-campus institute.

Numerous quality courses are offered at De Montfort University in primary and secondary education, arts and humanities programmes, and sports and leisure.

De Montfort University Bedford Campus Life

The campus at De Montfort University Bedford offers very good halls of residence, which have some of the lowest rates in the UK. The halls are within close proximity to the campuses and boast a first class library and student support facilities.

In addition, the campuses are within walking distance of Bedford city centre, where the town’s quality services and attractions, including cafes and bars, can be found. The popular de Montfort University Students' Union (MyDSU) also encompasses the Leicester arm of the university.

The town of Bedford

Bedford is a pleasant town to be located if you are a student, where the riverside setting, pedestrianised shopping streets in the centre and rich history combine to offer real character. In addition, the surrounding countryside is unspoilt and dotted with quaint villages.

Bedford comes with quality museums and galleries and boasts a Roman connection, while the student population ensures the entertainment and nightlife options are diverse. Cafes and restaurants are aplenty as are bars and pubs.

Student Loans

De Montfort University Bedford is allowed to charge new, full-time students up to £3,000 a year for tuition fees from September 2006. Many students will apply for a student loan to cover their tuition fees and day to day living costs. Student loans are the best option for borrowing money for college as interest rates are traditionally low and repayments don't start until graduated students are in work and are earning over £15,000.

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